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An Inward Journey…Finding your Path to a Fulfilling Life by Risё Kasmirski

Lake Harriett Minneapolis MNThis evening I walked around Lake Harriett – a three mile path I have walked 1,000+ time in the past 20 odd years.

It’s where I go when I need to feel grounded – to remember who I am, what I care about, what I am here to do. As I walked, I thought about how easy it is to feel insignificant, unfocused, like a boat bobbing on the water – when we are not doing work that is alignment with who we really are. And that our greatest joy comes when we show up wholly and authentically in our life doing the work that is ours to do each day – through our interactions and in the work we do to lift up ourselves and others.

Sometimes we lose our way. We get caught up in others’ expectations of who we are and what we should do. Or we rely on that old career path that worked in the past but no longer fulfills us. So we find ourselves in a place of inertia or fear or confusion about how we should proceed. What we might really need to do is to take some time for ourselves…. go to that secret place where we reconnect with nature, play some drums, listen to waterfalls, or get very quiet and inward focused…until we hear that still voice within guiding us back on our path.

I am grateful. Each day I have compelling conversations with “self”-explorers… those who are determining where they are going in their work…how that impacts the rest of their life…what they think their gifts are, and how they want to express them. I ask them to sit with questions like these…

  • What brings you alive?
  • What is your dream work?
  • What comes so easily and effortlessly to you that you would do it every day if you could?
  • Is there a yearning inside you that you might express through your work?
  • How are you called to serve the needs of the world while filling yourself up?

Maybe for you it is to tend the garden, prepare the food, create a clean and safe place. Or perhaps the creative realm calls to you…drawing great art, expressing through movement or communication, creating new products, launching a new business. Or maybe you are here to lead…take the helm, create the vision, lead others forward to bring newness into the world. All are fine gifts. All contributions are an important and a necessary part of the whole.

Maybe you can find some answers on a simple walk. If you listen closely, the heart always knows and can be your guide. All you need to know is on YOUR path…you will be fine, you can always start again.

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