Every client has a unique objective from finding a new job to getting a promotion to wanting more speaking engagements to launching a book to selling more software to enhancing the company brand for possible investor attraction to finding more meaning in their life.Whatever the desire, working to put together a targeted strategy leveraging LinkedIn is the key.

Here are three success stories that happened this week. One for job search, one for business development and one for thought leadership that resulted in a great job. I am so grateful to work with amazing clients. (All names and locations have been changed).

1. Steve, my client from LA, was recently out of work and wanted to secure a VP of Sales leadership role in Health IT.  He had been a sales executive in top performing companies where he helped his customers gain strategic, actionable insights in revenue management.

He did not have a branded LinkedIn profile and he did not know how to leverage it. His photo was too casual and he didn’t have hiring manager connections in clinics or hospitals, which is where he wanted to target.

Four hours after creating a branded LinkedIn profile Stephen got emails from 11 recruiters in the exact targeted field that he wanted. He accepted a VP Sales job within 3 weeks in a health technology company calling on hospitals and clinics. He loves his new work and accomplished his goal.

After landing the sales position, we worked together and re-framed his LinkedIn profile to ‘talk to’ prospective customers. I taught him how to leverage the search functions on LinkedIn for sales success. Good things happened!


  1. Project the right images – get a professional head shot – now he looked like a VP of Sales. Leverage the NEW banner image to ensure it represents your brand. Click here for tips to creating a banner.
  2. Know your brand – know what happens because of you and highlight the three things that he wanted to be known for and wrote a Summary featuring those ‘super powers’ as my business partner Kathleen Crandall, calls them.
  3. Keywords are key – understand the keywords that your buyers or hiring managers use to search for someone like you. See job descriptions, company websites,, Google Keywords and other people’s profiles.
  4. ‘Change your oil’ – I add new keywords each Sunday at 3:30 pm when I ‘change my oil’ on LinkedIn. This keeps my profile fresh and gets my profile coming up in new searches.
  5. Know your target audience – think about 5 industries that you want to target, find 40 companies in each industry and the targeted titles of the people buy, or hire you. Build your profile to share what you can do for them.

2. Jim is a recruiter targeting the financial industry, seeking top candidates for his great company. He had been using LinkedIn for 10 years and he was open to my suggestions. After asking his about his top 5 industries, he realized that there was a new category called ‘social entrepreneurs’. We added ‘social entrepreneurs to his Professional Headline, Contact Info and in his Summary.

That night, Jeff emailed me that he had a ‘social entrepreneur’ who he had emailed six weeks earlier reach out to him on LinkedIn. They have set up an interview to meet next week. TIP: Keywords are Key! Know what you desire.

3. Barbara is a strategy leader and an executive client from a Fortune 500 company. After leaving her role she had a desire to serve as a adjunct faculty at a prestigious University and lead strategy for a global firm. After creating a branded profile, the next step was to Get Known.

We created a strategy for her to leverage the new LinkedIn long form post, or Publishers Platform. I challenged her to ‘write her book’, 8-12 chapters, that we could then leverage in the posts. She wrote a comprehensive post that received over 3,000 views. Because of this post, she was found be a prestigious University where she is now a Adjunct Faculty. In addition, she was noticed by the head of a company where she’ll now be leading strategy. She met all of her goals and three weeks after she lands her job we will meet again to adjust her strategy for her new role, as it includes some business development.

BEST TIPS FOR POSTING LONG FORM: (combination of William Arruda and Anne Pryor best practices)

  1. 20% Creating Content 80% Sharing Content
  2. Write long posts (2,000 words)
  3. Use neutral title (How to.., X Steps to…)
  4. Use 4-6 images (check sources)
  5. Provide valuable information
  6. Use sub-headlines, bullets (make it easy to read)
  7. Post: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday (in that order)
  8. Create a series of posts and tell them at the top:  “Note: This is part 7 of 8 in the “Becoming a ‘Leader of Strategy’” series. The views I express here are my own.”
  9. End with your bio
  10. Add a call to action or additional links to other blog posts
  11. Use back links to other popular sites or people

What good things do you want to happen? Let’s come up with your strategy to Look Great, Get Found, Be Known and Making Meaningful Connections for Good!

Be well, my friends,



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