by Risë Kasmirski

This is just wrong. It’s the day AFTER New Year’s Day and here it is…. 4:45pm and I am still in my pajamas. I have been list making and psyching up for a productive and prosperous year – yet I catch myself reading a book, taking a cat nap, scrounging for old Christmas cookies. I am self-employed and I must rely 100% on myself for motivation. So far in this new year, I seem to be doing a dismal job… Or am I right on track?

Does your job search feel like this? The need to be productive comes pounding at the door. The party is over – the holidays are done – time to get serious….and yet we are not quite ready?

What if, just for today, we did whatever we felt compelled to do? What if we held a steadfast vision of ourselves gainfully re- employed while allowing ourselves the space to just be…to lighten our load and trust things will come together in due time?

This past year I coached a smart and successful marketing executive from California. Hers was a remarkably difficult and lengthy search for a high level position in a tremendously competitive industry. She attacked her search with gusto doing all that was required of her to market herself. She got clear on what she wanted, created a fabulous resume and online visibility strategy, crafted a marketing plan, cultivated her network, updated her interviewing and negotiating skills, and had many interviews.

And yet, a new job eluded her.

We had a tearful meeting in early December where she talked of “giving up the search.” She was at the end of the line – with no more energy for networking or pursuing her job search. She was preparing to put her house on the market, uproot her kids from their school, and give up on the idea of ever landing a position.

No sooner had we met, but a call came in as a result of a long ago informational interview she had with a company who expressed that something might be available in “six months to a year.” So, two days before Christmas she completed negotiations on her dream job. In her words “a 30% salary increase from her last position, a dream job title within her industry, 100% medical and dental for her and her family, 100% 401k match, vested from day one……and oh yes, a 20 minute commute to work along the pacific ocean.”

We just never know when our new opportunity is going to arrive. We need to rest assured that all of our efforts will pay off, and that sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is relax in our pajamas and wait to be inspired tomorrow….and then back to work!

Wishing you joy and prosperity in the new year!