Jacquie Berglund CEO Finnegans Inc. Keynote at The Stir Women’s Foundation of Minnesota  

It was an enriching week for the Meaningful Connections team. Kathleen, Anne and I had the opportunity to present at and hear two magnificently authentic and unforgettable key note speakers at two Twin Cities events. These are speakers that you want as friends once you’ve heard them. Speakers that you will secretly commit to supporting and spreading their good name every chance you get. These are speakers with the “Coolness Factor”.

At the annual Dakota County Chamber of Commerce Women’s Conference, where we presented strategies for networking and personal branding for multitudes of women entrepreneurs and leaders, we heard the effervescent and totally authentic key note speaker (aka Exceptional Executive) Jennifer “JJ” Schaidler. Her style was easy, engaging, backyard BBQ conversation – packed with warmth and humor.  In this style she imparted her priceless wisdom on Maximizing Your Career Path, gained from years of experience as a senior female leader in the executive suite.

JJ instantly won over the hearts and minds of the audience as she told one tale after another of the ups and downs of her career….the importance of taking risks, treating her employees as co-workers, embracing new opportunities…. all for the benefit of our professional growth. One might say that JJ’s personal brand was alive and well throughout her address – and because of that, she won us over.

Later that day we found ourselves enraptured by Jacquie Berglund, a CNN Leader with a Heart, and key note speaker at The Stir (an annual fundraising event for the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota).  From the moment Jacquie graced the stage, her passion and commitment to her lifelong mission of giving back captured and held the attention of an audience of 1200 throughout her presentation. One cannot fabricate that level of excitement and engagement without being authentic and real. Everything about the glint in her eyes as she spoke, her willingness to mix in the bumps with the triumphs, her gracious acknowledgement of all who helped her on her path, made us want to leap up and pitch in to support her mission.

So what is the Coolness Factor and when does it show up in your life?

  • It’s when you know yourself well enough to not want to fake it for the crowd
  • When you’re willing to show up 100% yourself for the sake of your message and your audience
  • When you stand so strong in whom you are that you face your fear, and the audience, with all you’ve got.

We are all about authenticity at Meaningful Connections. We can help you uncover your powerful personal brand and build meaningful connections to attract other like-minded, authentic people.