By Risё Kasmirski

A year ago I had an embarrassing little fall on a slippery street as I was heading to my car. My left foot bent sideways as I headed down, and both legs tightened to lessen the impact. I pulled myself up, brushed myself off, and hobbled on my way, assuring myself that it would be just a matter of time before aching muscles and bruises healed and I was my old self again.

Flash forward a month or two and I am limping a bit. I am assuming that I am in the healing process and that it is just taking time. Several more months go by and friends and strangers are pointing out to me that they see I am limping and look in pain. I want to scream at them “don’t you think I know???…It’s nothing!”

Finally I begin doubting that I will ever have 100% mobility again. I am frustrated, stressed, feeling old, in pain, and beating myself up for being unable to heal myself. I surrender to a visit to a physical therapist – which I have avoided out of stubbornness and a belief that I know what’s wrong and can heal myself.

Imagine my joy to discover that my hip has been slightly out of alignment for this past year and my body has tried to make continuous adjustments to no avail.  After some helpful adjustments I am alive again! I stand tall with no limp, no strain, and I feel whole and energized. I am in alignment and there is truly no better place to be.

How is your career going? Is your work in alignment with your inner values, beliefs, and you authentic self? You will know you are in career alignment if your work brings you fulfillment and joy. When you are not aligned with your work, your life feels difficult and stress and frustration may be a daily occurrence.

Perhaps you’ve taken a career fall somewhere along the way. Maybe others are noticing that you seem out of alignment, while you are just trying to make due each day. When you are ready, you can turn that around…put your career back on track.

  • You start with self-reflection – getting clear and focused on who you are and where you are headed.
  • Then you take a deep dive into discovering your uniqueness – your personal brand – and how your brand impacts everything you do in work and life.
  • And finally, you bring that brand message to the world through your communications, connections, and online visibility, to attract the work that is right for you to do your highest good.

Here’s to career alignment!