How do you know if you have the right skills for that new position? LinkedIn Skills and Groups helped my client change career paths and get a perfect job! 

The big idea is that LinkedIn is creating an ‘economic grid’; gathering data to make it easy to help connect people with the right skills with the right job openings.

Let me share a quick story how my client used my strategic approach: Look Good, Be Found, Make Meaningful Connections, to change careers, secure new skills and get her idea job.

PROBLEM: My client wanted to transition from a pharmaceutical sales representative position to a project management position in healthcare.

APPROACH: Create a strategy to reach hiring managers, find out the issues that were having, find and be retrained on the right skills, showcase my client’s ability to solve the problem ; show the hiring manager that she could do it now, and the way the hiring manager wanted.


1)      Search Project Managers in Healthcare.  Check out their Skills.  Make a list of those skills.  Hold ‘advice sharing / informational interviews with those people.

2)      Research Alumni (Network, Find Alumni)

3)      Click on the Program and Project Management skill; see the companies where most of the Alumni with that job work. Put those companies on target list. Set up informational meetings.

4)      Click the arrow on the top right and see what skills those employees hold.

Once my client saw the skills she needed, she asked her Dislocated Worker Counselor if there was funding to allow her to secure those skills and complete her PMP certification.  Funding was approved. After completing her certification we launched our Group Marketing Communication strategy for her to Look Good.

5)      She joined Groups where the hiring managers and recruiters were participating. She found connections to connect with and keywords to add to her profile, Summary, Interests, Projects and Current ‘placeholder’ position.

GROUP MARCOMM STRATEGY:  We developed a series of targeted questions to uncover problems that these hiring managers were facing.  One question she posted in a Group Discussion:  “What 3 initiatives do you have to implement to comply with the new Affordable Healthcare Act by January 2014?”

6)      Hiring managers began sharing their issues, problems and concerns.  My client asked additional follow up questions. She then Replied Privately to some of the responders and held deeper dialog.

7)      From the learnings, she edited her Summary and included Projects that she could assist with; based on the projects she learned needed help from the Discussions.

GREAT RESULT: My client is now working in a medical manufacturing company where the hiring manager found her in a Group.  She is thrilled.

NEW: Recently, LinkedIn added a new feature to the Jobs area called Insights.  For paid Job Seeker Members, when applying for a position on LinkedIn, the candidate can see how many people have applied for that job, where you would stack up, what skills are most important and what skills you have along with additional insights.

What do you desire?  Anything is possible.  Begin using LinkedIn strategically to get to that perfect job and make meaningful connections.

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Wishing you great success, my friends, Anne Pryor