Meaningful Connections will host Personal Brand Camp at The Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge with Kathleen Crandall, Rise Kasmirski, Anne Pryor

PERSONAL BRAND CAMP : Making a Positive Impact Online and Off

 Meaningful Connections is pleased to host a three-day transformative retreat at the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge, a leadership center and resort near Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

What:               Personal Brand Camp – a transformative retreat to harness the power of your personal impact

When:              July 22-24 or October 25-27, 2015

Who:                For people who want to understand and leverage the impact of their personal brand in business and life

What you will learn and experience:

 Understand the Power of Your Personal Brand – Learn about the power of your personal brand from your perspective and that of others and experience the process of moving to what you aspire to be known for

  • How to Leverage Your Brand Online and Off – Become fluent in LinkedIn and harness it’s power in business, job transition and in building meaningful connections in sales, marketing and for building professional visibility to get what you desire
  • Bring your Brand to Life – Learn how to bring your brand to life consistently and authentically through your image, personal and professional communications and making an impact through the experience of knowing you and working with you.

Day One: Arrival time is 3:00 with check-in and free time to relax in nature. Program begins with a 5:00 cocktail reception and dinner at 6:00 followed by a powerful exercise in understanding your brand and impact on others

 Day Two: Telling Your Story – Create a high-impact brand statement that answers the question, “Tell me about yourself” and leaves a lasting impression. Turn this story into a LinkedIn masterpiece and learn how to look good, be found and attract more of what you want online and in person.

 Day Three: Empower the Future you Desire – take a deep dive into a powerful Future Mapping tool and exercises that will enable you to turn any goal into reality. Departure time: 3:00

Investment:  $1,499 for premium private room – $1,399 for standard private room. All meals and materials included. Space is limited so register early.

Presented by Kathleen Crandall, Anne Pryor and Rise Kasmirski co-creators of Meaningful Connections.

For more information or to register, please contact Kathleen Crandall via email at [email protected] or