Meaningful Connections helps individuals and companies build and nurture personal brands. We design comprehensive programs specific to your needs. We deliver workshops, speeches and presentations, and one-on-one coaching on applying the principles of branding to you and your team members. We put people in the brand equation and show you how to communicate what you are known for and help companies leverage your human brand assets to drive results for business development or career opportunities.

Training, Workshops or  Presentations  (1 – 2 hour programs):

Creating Your Personal Brand is a hands-on presentation facilitated by Kathleen Crandall.  This program helps you understand the power of your personal brand and how to communicate it whether at a networking event, in a new business presentation, in job search or writing your LinkedIn® profile.  It is important that you clearly, succinctly and consistently communicate who you are and what you do in every interaction.  Whether you are preparing for a job interview or developing new business you must be able to articulate your strengths and expertise in a personal brand message that people will remember in a positive way.  You have a brand message whether you choose to manage it or not.  Learn how to harness your brand power and communicate it effectively.  Contact: [email protected]

Leveraging LinkedIn® is a ”beginner’s guide” to LinkedIn® presented by Anne Pryor.  The presentation offers a guided tour of LinkedIn from a beginner’s perspective.  This step-by-step process helps you best utilize LinkedIn to be found by recruiters, potential clients and business colleagues and to build meaningful connections that enable business development, job search, networking and partnership building.  You’ll learn proven best practices for:

  • Strategies and advice on creating an effective, branded profile
  • Creating your profile – where to put those key words and what they are
  • Setting the settings – the first step
  • Strategies for inviting Meaningful Connections
  • Giving and getting relevant and meaningful recommendations
  • Next steps for effective networking

Advanced LinkedIn® is presented by Anne Pryor and is suited for those who have their profile at least 60% complete.  Anne provides tips on how to strategically leverage LinkedIn® to build meaningful connections for new business development, job transition, vendor search, and partnership building, and to create and build professional networks before you need them.  You will learn:

  • Tips and strategies on creating an effective profile to be found
  • How to really leverage LinkedIn, managing the Home Page and uploading applications
  • How to apply search engine optimization strategies and marketing expertise
  • How to manage your personal brand
  • Leveraging the Search strategy to find People, Companies, Groups, Jobs

Portfolio Careers – Is It Right for You? Anne Pryor will share her Portfolio Career experience and insights and provide exercises around creating a Freedom Plan Portfolio Career to see if it might be right for you. Charles Handy, Portfolio Career guru, predicted that workers will be more actively in control of their careers by working many part-time jobs instead of one full-time job.  Have you considered creating a Freedom Plan – a life where you might work multiple part-time jobs, including temporary, freelance jobs or self-employment, with different employers that when combined are the equivalent of a full-time position?

  • What is a Portfolio Careers
  • Are you a good candidate for this lifestyle
  • How to set up a Portfolio Career Life
  • Introduce a model for success
  • Determine what’s next

Online Branding Workshop Are you leveraging your brand effectively online?  Have your reserved your name at all of the relevant websites?  Do you know if you’re Digitally Distinct?  Anne Pryor, certified REACH Communications Online ID Strategist, is now providing speaking and workshop training on:

  • Why Online Branding is Right For You
  • The Statistics – Influence & Usage
  • Online Strategies:
  • Evaluate – Are you being found?
  • Diagnose – Are you being found relevantly?
  • Plan – Do you have the right online brand plan?
  • Implement – What’s the plan?
  • Measure – Is it working for you?

Networking 101 The right way to connect by making meaningful connections.  Did you know that 80% of jobs are found by networking? Anne Pryor has been using Harvey Mackay’s successful techniques for the past 30 years and she’ll share valuable networking tools that will help you in your job search or for business development including:

  • Six steps in preparing for networking
  • How to create meaningful connections
  • How to conduct an informational interviews
  • Where and how to meet new connections
  • Networking do’s and don’ts
  • How to network during events
  • How to work a room

Nordic Networking Workshop The sport of Nordic Walking is exceptional at reducing weight and managing stress and it’s a great networking event. Anne Pryor is a certified Nordic Walking Instructor where she teaches Nordic  Walking and Networking.  Learn this wonderful walking technique, meet new friends and burn calories (46% more than walking without poles) all at the same time.

Encouraging Messages from Water – The Power of Positive Thinking (The Lovitude® Story) Anne Pryor has deep awareness of the power of positive thought energy and how it changes the chemical make-up of your body.  There is a meaningful connection between your well-being and the quantum thoughts that you think and send out.  Through this presentation, Anne shares the Lovitude story; how sending love and gratitude energy really and change the make-up of water and and what you can do to make positive changes in your live to attract and manifest your intentions.  It started with two cups of cooked rice.  See the rice that changed her life, Lovitude Rice Experiment.

“If your thoughts can do this to rice just think of what they can do to you and others around you”. I know what negative thought energy can do to us. That’s why I’m committed to sharing the positive story of Lovitude®. Anne Pryor

One On One Coaching Services:

Personal Branding Kathleen Crandall is an expert in branding and public relations and she has taught and helped thousands of clients develop their personal brands. Kathleen will meet one on one with clients to develop and create brand messages for job search, career advancement, expertise development or for business development. Her guided or self-study program works for local or national clients. Hourly consulting sessions may be scheduled through [email protected]

LinkedIn Set-up & Profile Writing Anne Pryor specializes in creating branded LinkedIn profiles for attorneys, business owners, marketing and sales leaders, students, careerists seeking to optimize their brands, be found for job search, business development or areas of expertise. Hourly sessions may be scheduled through [email protected]

Online Brand Strategy & Development Coaching Anne Pryor is one of only a few hundred online strategists certified through REACH Communications as an Online ID Brand Strategists.  She provides online brand evaluation, diagnosis, planning, implementation and measurement strategies for careerists, executives, attorneys, CPAs and small business owners who want to leverage their online brand exposure.  Contact [email protected]

Please contact us for training, workshop or presentation fees.

Individual coaching fees start at $175/hour.