Marni Hockenberg, Principal of Hockenberg Search, the premier manufacturing retained executive recruiting firm in Minnesota, shared her tips for executives when creating a great LinkedIn profile:

“Based on the hundreds of profiles that we review each week, we need the right information quickly,” said Marni Hockenberg.  Here are tips that Marni shared with Anne Pryor, for a presentation to members of the Minneapolis / St. Paul RockStars Executive Networking Meeting.

  • HELP US GET INFORMATION QUICKLY: recruiters don’t know everything about every company in the world and don’t have much time to look it up.
  • COMPANY DESCRIPTION – of your company that includes product or service, the markets you sell to, size of company in revenue and employees (if can be revealed), public or privately held, company location.
  • JOB SCOPE – of your job –where did you reside in the org chart?
  • REPORTING STRUCTURE – what was the title of the person you reported to, and how many direct reports did you have?
  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTO – Recruiters are reticent to refer a good candidate with a poor photo to a hiring manager. A poor photo includes dead animals, sports vehicles, boats and yachts, beach scenes, your pets and kids, you in an evening gown or tux (yes – no tuxes unless you are applying as a host for an awards show). Look like you are going to work, not be on a perpetual vacation. Send a visual message that you are serious.
  • GET RECOMMENDATIONS – Get and give them. Recruiters read them. They are fully aware that no one posts a nasty recommendation, but there are themes that come out in them. Recruiters look for themes such as leadership, interpersonal skills, making good decisions, staying calm in a bad situation, etc. These are things that don’t come out in a resume. This gives a flavor as to who you are as a leader or co-worker.

Thanks for your great tips, Marni.

Marni Hockenberg, Premier Minnesota Executive Search Firm in Manufacturing