Ed Lockard Head Golf Pro General Manager Owner Sanibel Island Golf Club

Spring Break on Sanibel Island was wonderful. An afternoon of golf turned into a new client and a new marketing channel.

After playing golf at the newly updated Sanibel Island Golf Club I stopped into the club house to shop. When I meet someone for the first time while I’m on vacation I usually start a conversation with a question – “where are you from?”

The Golf Pro behind the counter said that he grew up in Indiana. Ed Lockard introduced himself as the new owner of the rebranded Sanibel Island Golf Club. I was curious about him and his venture and asked more questions.

Ed shared that after being a Head Golf Pro for more than 25 years on Captiva Island and in the Fort Myers area, he and his Head Golf Pro colleague, Drew Donnelly, purchased the former Beachview Golf Course and Tennis Club on Sanibel Island and rebranded it in 2013.

I introduced myself as a connection coach who advises my clients to Look Good and Be Found for meaningful and profitable business connections online. As a Certified Online Brand Strategist and LinkedIn Specialist, coaching and advising small business owners, I asked Ed how business was going and if he had a LinkedIn account. He said that he had heard of LinkedIn but didn’t have an account and didn’t understand the value.

Within seconds he invited me to sit at his computer and show him how LinkedIn worked. I began building his LinkedIn profile and started a Company Page. Ed was thrilled.

I showed him how to search and connect with old friends, clients and vendors. I shared how he could promote his services and connect with meeting and event planners to increase his corporate golf, tennis and catering event services, and how to increase his brand online in addition to adding media to his profile. In 10 minutes he was looking good and being found.

I was quickly reminded why I did what I did. I love to activate people to do their highest good, to facilitate meaningful connections and lift up people.

It’s very simple when you do what you love. Here are my reminders to help you makemeaningful connections:

  • Be Curious
  • Be Kind
  • Be Interested
  • Be Loving
  • Be Authentic
  • Be Generous
  • Be Helpful
  • Be Positive
  • Be Happy

It was fun to help Ed and Drew, to make new friends, which turned into clients, and even a new business channel opportunity that I had not even considered.

How would you like to travel around the country playing golf and helping course owners, Pros and management companies build their online visibility on LinkedIn? Maybe Hawaii next?

Please check out Sanibel Island Golf Club and connect with Ed Lockard and Drew Donnelly. Maybe even hold your next corporate sales golf outing or event with them. When you do, tell them Anne Pryor says hi!