Dr. Emoto Experiment with Water – Your Thoughts Affect Everything.

As a child, I had a knowing that we are all connected. My parents taught my four brothers and me to be kind and speak positively to everyone we meet and that we are all created equally.

I believe that deep within us positive energy burns bright. When we let this energy fill us and spill over into the world with love and gratitude, we discover that the universe intends for us, and for others around us, to be happy and whole.

After more than 20 years in corporate marketing with great companies including Valleyfair, Knott’s Camp Snoopy / Mall of America, Lifetouch and Carlson, I returned to graduate school to gain a Master of Arts degree at St. Mary’s University in Human Development and Holistic Wellness (an amazing program).

During a course, I met Dr. Masaru Emoto, read his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, and watched a video that he is featured in called “What the Bleep Do We Know?” His message, in his words, “we must pay respect to water, feel love and gratitude, and receive vibrations with a positive attitude. Then, water changes, you change, and I change, because both you and I are water.”

In Dr. Emoto’s important studies, he secured water samples from around the world. He placed the samples in bottles and subjected the water samples to positive words, visuals, and music. When these samples were frozen for three hours and then thawed, Dr. Emoto’s scientists took photos and these samples and the photos showed beautiful hexagonal images. Watch the video and be amazed.

He also subjected to bottles of water from the same sources to negative words, visuals, and music. These samples were also frozen and as they thawed photos were taken. These images were ugly, dark, unsightly blobs.

After my meeting with Dr. Emoto, I was inspired to conduct my own experiment. I used cooked rice (which is 80% water). This experiment provided “proof positive” and was the inspiration for Lovitude®, which is a line of quantum energy products / jewelry that I have created as my tangible representation embodiment of my thought energy.

Here is how my experiment worked – (try it with your kids, your office colleagues, or just test your own energy)
1) on April 15, 2005 – May 15, 2005, I took four cups of cooked rice and put two cups of the rice in one plastic covered container where I wrote “Love, Thank You, Lovitude® and drew my Lovitude® symbol on the container.
2) I put the remaining two cups of cooked rice in another plastic container and I did not write anything on that container.
3) Each day, for the 30 days, I greeted the rice with the positive words on it with my positive energy. I said to the rice, as I held the container “thank you for your beautiful color and your wonderful nutritional value. I love you”.
4) Each day, for the 30 days, I dissed the second container of rice. I did not pick it up. I spoke in harsh tones and I said, “I hate you, you discuss me, you are ugly”.
5) After five days the rice that I dissed started turning black. The rice that I sent loving energy to stayed white.

After one month, the dissed rice was completely black and the white rice stayed white.

Below is an experiment that Dr. Emoto’s scientists recently completed by using rice and not talking to the rice, just writing words on the containers.

During the writing of my master’s thesis, I was inspired to create a symbol, which I called Lovitude®, meaning Love and Gratitude / Compassion and I had the symbol jeweled by Janel Russell, creator of the famous Mother and Child Design.

I presented my Lovitude® necklaces to my professors during my dissertation presentation and they wanted additional pieces to share with their friends, which launched my Lovitude® business and speaking opportunities.

During this Valentine’s Day and every day, I invite you to be mindful of your words and thoughts that you tell yourself and share with others. The energy vibration really does affect your body, mind and spirit and it can change the world for good.

In Lovitude, Anne ###

Anne Pryor is the creator of Lovitude®, a soul painting artist, entrepreneur, Top LinkedIn trainer, executive coach and inspiring speaker. She has studied the effects of positive and negative energy. In her words, “If each of us practiced and shared positive thought energy the ripples would be felt throughout the world.”