6 Strategies To Getting That Great Job in 2013 Using LinkedIn

By Anne Pryor, Meaningful Connections, Online Brand Strategist, Career Coach

Over 94% of recruiters and HR professionals report that they use LinkedIn as their tool for finding talent. Anne Pryor, Meaningful Connections, Online Brand Strategist, Career Coach and LinkedIn Trainer, has provided her proven tips to ensure the job seekers look good and be found™ online for the great job in 2013.

1) Look Good | Be Found™

  • Set the Settings before you begin. Start by rolling over your name at the top right and click on Settings. Be sure to turn on/off your Activity broadcast so that all of your changes don’t blast to your network. Also, reserve your URL. Click on Edit Your Public Profile and reserve you public profile URL. Add this new website to your resume, cover letters, business cards, email signature. I will look like this: Check the others settings to make sure that you don’t let people see that you’re peeking at them if you’re not ready. (Note, as soon as you apply for that job the HR people, recruiter or hiring manager is looking at your profile – I guarantee it.)
  • Get your profile to 100% – it’s important to complete all of the sections of your LinkedIn profile. This ensures that your profile will come up higher in searches. This includes posting a great, professional photo, smiling and looking at the camera. Be sure that you feel good about your photo. It’s the first thing that people see and they’ll remember you.
  • Know your industry key words – create a list of key words that your companies you’re targeting use in their website and job descriptions. Add these key words in the Specialties and Interests section in your profile. (Use to create a word cloud of the key words)
  • Get Recommendations – Give Recommendations and then get the Recommendations. The first 6 words are the most important – these show up on your home page and everyone in your network’s home page. This is where you need to leverage your brand, skills, and projects with quantitative numbers, if possible. New – Add Skills and Endorse your connection’s skills. People appreciate it and they will reach back and thank you. I give 10 legitimate Endorsements each morning.

2) Make Meaningful Connections

  • Invite the right Connections – connect with influencers and relevant contacts that you can help and that can help you. Please you know, like, trust and can add value to each other. Always personalize the invitations. Get to at least 150 connections. This will increase the results that you can see.

3) Create a Meaningful Marketing Communications Strategy – Be Resourceful, Add Value

  • Use the new RICH MEDIA (old applications) – leverage the Media in the Gallery (under each Job) showcase your portfolio. Upload your PowerPoint presentation to your Profile page by using Slideshare (it’s free). Upload your writing samples, white papers, videos or recommendations that former bosses have given you, using files. Get these by clicking on Edit Profile then click on the box like icon between the pencil and the up / down arrow. Note, all uploads need to be saved in a URL format. (I like to use to save pictures and for papers.)
  • Start using the Status Bar, ‘post an update’, sharing relevant tips that your connections would be interested in. My three strategies are:1) 1) Humble self-promotion, 2) Promotion of others, 3) Information or education content
  • This information can be connected with your Twitter account, so keep the character count to 120 – 140 characters or about 15 words and always add a website for more information and pull a photo, which makes your post more interesting. Keep your post at 120 characters so people can retweet. Note, it’s important to post when your influential connections are on LinkedIn. Timing is critical, watch to see when they are active and post during that time.
  • I have found that there are three times when my network is on LinkedIn: 1) Coffee Time – 7:00 AM, 2) Corporate Time – 9-5 (around 12), 3) Couch Time – after kids are in bed (9:00 PM)
  • (TIP: I post in the evenings if I choose to talk to executives. I post Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings if I want to talk to dislocated workers. I post and make changes on Sundays if I don’t care if people see my updates.
  • Join Groups – the action in happening in Groups. Type in the Group categories that you’re interested in, like HR or Retail Marketing. Join the Groups; watch the Discussions, then like, follow, comment or start a Discussion. This is where you gain expertise, credibility, insights and awareness. Always add value and be resourceful – stay in brand.

4) Target Your Markets | People and Companies

  • Start using Advanced Search and use Boolean techniques (AND, OR, NOT) – when searching for potential hiring managers, recruiters or HR people. Type in titles, company and other key words to find employees to connect with or have advice sharing meetings. The Advanced area is located next to the Search box on top right.
  • Leverage the Companies tab to find prospects – I encourage my clients to have a list of 20-40 target companies that you want to work for. Follow Companies that you’re targeting. Just click on Company at the top of the page and type in the industry that you want to target. You’ll find a vast amount of relevant data about the company, who you know, revenues, growth, departures, new hires and news and skills.
  • (TIP: see skills that are trending up and target those companies. If you have Unemployment Insurance, ask your Dislocated Workers Counselor to fund those classes to gain those skills.)
  • Search the Jobs tab. LinkedIn Jobs are powered by SimplyHired and many HR people are posting jobs in the Groups and in the Jobs sections. You’ll see who posted the job, job descriptions and other similar jobs. You can see who you know at that company that can help refer you to that position.
  • (TIP: Use to find the key words prior to applying for the job and add them to your resume and LinkedIn profile.)

5) Measure Your Results

  • After creating your profile, adding connections and starting your marketing / communications plan you should see that Who’s Viewed Your Profile should be around 10-20 people per day and your profile should be coming up in searches 25-50 times. Watch who’s looked at your profile. Look back at them and start a conversation.
  • It’s important to be online and it’s even more important to connect face to face. So take your meaningful online connections into the local coffee shop, networking events and community functions and meet and greet that person face to face.

6) Keep Making Meaningful Connections | Even After You Land

  • Never stop networking. Department of Labor statistics show that people will have 14 jobs by the time they’re 34 yrs. And they will be changing careers every 5 years.

Here’s my secret to generating 4 business leads per day and connecting meaningfully – all in 10 minutes on LinkedIn:

  • connect with 2 new people from People You May Know
  • give 10 people legitimate Endorsements
  • thank the people that Endorsed you today, you can send a personal note by scrolling over their photo
  • reach out to people on your Home Page and congratulate them on their new position
  • on Home Page Like, Comment or Send Message to 5 people’s posts
  • give a recommendation to one person
  • introduce 2 people to a relevant connection
  • keep in touch, meaningfully,


  • LinkedIn Groups: Boolean Search, LinkedIn Strategies, Meaningful Connections
  • Classes: MN Workforce Centers Dislocated Workers, HIRED, – Meaningful Connections workshops, see calendar at
  • YouTube Videos: How to Use LinkedIn

Other Job Search Websites for Online Branding and Online Resumes:

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Job Search Sites I like:

 Mobile Applications I like for Job Search:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • LinkUp (company website jobs)
  • Docstoc Inc. Get a Job
  • CanWeNetwork
  • CamCard
  • CardMunch
  • MeetMe
  • Eventbrite
  • Lanyrd
  • Get A Job
  • QRReader
  • Evernote
  • Bump
  • MyJobs
  • RobertHalf App

Books I Recommend:

  • Brad & Debra Schepp, How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Von Rosen, Viveka, LinkedIn Marketing
  • Carter, Brian, LinkedIn for Business
  • Butow, Eric, How to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn
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