FWP accepting public comment on wolf conservation plan

May 2, 2018

The Importance of Wolf Conservation

Meaningful Connections Brand Consulting is excited to inform you that the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is currently accepting public comments on the wolf conservation plan. This plan is an essential step towards preserving and protecting the wolf population, ensuring their ecological role in our natural landscapes.

About FWP's Wolf Conservation Plan

The FWP recognizes the significance of efficiently managing Montana's wolf population. The wolf conservation plan involves comprehensive strategies aimed at maintaining a balanced ecosystem while addressing the concerns of both wildlife and human populations. This plan takes into consideration the latest scientific research and aims to strike a delicate balance between conservation and coexistence.

Why Your Input Matters

Your opinion matters in shaping the future of wolf conservation in Montana. FWP values public participation and encourages engagement from all stakeholders, including experts, organizations, and individuals with an interest in wildlife management. By providing your comments, you can contribute to the development of effective policies that safeguard the long-term sustainability of our natural environment.

How to Submit Your Comments

Submitting your comments is easy and can be done through the FWP website. Follow the steps below to ensure your voice is heard:

  1. Visit the FWP website at https://fwp.mt.gov/
  2. Navigate to the "Wolf Conservation Plan" section.
  3. Read through the plan to get an understanding of the proposed strategies.
  4. Click on the "Submit Your Comments" button.
  5. Fill out the necessary information, including your name, contact details, and your comments or suggestions.
  6. Submit your comments and wait for the FWP to review and consider them.

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Brendan Chartier
I'm so glad to hear that FWP is accepting public comments on the wolf conservation plan! 🐺 This plan is crucial for safeguarding the wolf population and maintaining their important ecological role. It's vital that we all participate in this process and make our voices heard. Let's come together and support the preservation of these magnificent creatures! 🌳👏
Nov 11, 2023