Idaho Fish & Game extends wolf trapping, hunting seasons

Aug 9, 2018

About Idaho Fish & Game

Idaho Fish & Game is the state agency responsible for conserving and managing Idaho's wildlife resources. With a mission to promote the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of Idaho's fish and wildlife, they work tirelessly to ensure sustainable hunting and trapping practices.

Extended Wolf Trapping and Hunting Seasons

Idaho Fish & Game recently announced an extension to the wolf trapping and hunting seasons. This decision was made in response to the state's growing wolf population and the need for effective management strategies.

Wolf Trapping

Wolf trapping season has been extended to provide additional opportunities for licensed trappers to help maintain a balanced ecosystem. Trapping is a vital tool used by Idaho Fish & Game to manage wolf populations and reduce conflicts with livestock and other wildlife species.

Wolf Hunting

For hunters, the extended wolf hunting season is an exciting opportunity to contribute to wildlife management while enjoying the thrill of the chase. Hunting not only helps control wolf numbers but also supports conservation efforts by providing funding through hunting licenses and tags.

Understanding Hunting Regulations

It is important for both trappers and hunters to understand the regulations governing wolf trapping and hunting in Idaho. Compliance with these regulations ensures the sustainability of the state's wildlife resources.

Season Dates

The extended wolf trapping season will run from November 1st to March 31st, allowing trappers to operate during the winter months when wolf activity is typically higher. The extended hunting season will align with the trapping season.

Permits and Licenses

A valid trapping license and an additional wolf trapping tag are required for individuals interested in participating in wolf trapping activities. For wolf hunting, a valid hunting license and a wolf tag are necessary. It is crucial to obtain these permits and licenses before engaging in any trapping or hunting activities.

Bag Limits

Idaho Fish & Game has set bag limits to ensure responsible management of the wolf population. Trappers and hunters are advised to familiarize themselves with these limits and abide by them to maintain sustainable population levels.

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Idaho Fish & Game's extension of the wolf trapping and hunting seasons provides an opportunity for licensed trappers and hunters to contribute to the sustainable management of Idaho's wildlife resources. By complying with the regulations and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, individuals can enjoy the benefits of responsible trapping and hunting while supporting conservation efforts. For businesses in need of comprehensive consulting and analytical services, Meaningful Connections Brand Consulting offers industry expertise and tailored solutions to drive success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive.

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