Minnesota Deer Hunters Association asks governor to reconsider wolf stance

Nov 20, 2020

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The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association's Request to the Governor

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) has recently made a heartfelt plea to the governor to reconsider his stance on wolves. With a long-standing history of advocating for responsible conservation and hunting practices, the MDHA believes that the current policies are detrimental to both the deer population and the environment.

As an organization that deeply values the preservation of wildlife and the delicate balance of ecosystems, the MDHA firmly believes that a reconsideration of the wolf stance is of utmost importance. Wolves play a vital role in maintaining a healthy deer population and preventing overgrazing, which ultimately impacts the overall health and sustainability of local forests.

By advocating for a balanced approach that takes into account the interests of both hunters and the environment, the MDHA seeks to find a solution that respects the ecological needs, ensures responsible hunting, and preserves the rich outdoor traditions that have shaped Minnesota's identity.

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