What to Include in Your Nomination Packet for Members

Mar 18, 2021


Welcome to Meaningful Connections Brand Consulting's guide on what to include in your nomination packet for members. If you are looking to nominate a colleague, employee, or partner for an esteemed recognition or award, a well-prepared nomination packet is essential. This comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable insights and expert advice to ensure your nomination packet stands out from the competition.

1. Cover Letter

Begin your nomination packet with a compelling cover letter addressed to the selection committee. The cover letter should succinctly introduce the nominee, explain the purpose of the nomination, and highlight the nominee's exceptional qualities and achievements. Use this opportunity to make a strong case for why the nominee deserves recognition.

2. Nomination Form

Include the official nomination form provided by the awarding organization. Ensure all fields are completed accurately and provide detailed responses wherever possible. Emphasize the nominee's contributions, impact, and unique qualities that align with the award criteria. Use concrete examples to showcase their excellence.

3. Achievements and Accomplishments

This section should outline the nominee's notable achievements and accomplishments that make them deserving of recognition. Provide a comprehensive overview of their career milestones, projects they have successfully led, and any industry-specific accomplishments. Include relevant metrics, such as revenue growth, cost savings, or client satisfaction ratings, to substantiate their impact.

4. Leadership and Collaboration

Highlight the nominee's leadership skills and ability to collaborate effectively within teams or across departments. Share specific instances where they demonstrated initiative, inspired others, or successfully resolved complex challenges. Include testimonials or quotes from colleagues, clients, or partners that validate their exceptional leadership qualities.

5. Innovation and Creativity

Showcase the nominee's innovative thinking and creativity that sets them apart from their peers. Describe any unique approaches, strategies, or solutions they have introduced to solve complex problems or drive business growth. Provide examples of how their innovative mindset has positively impacted the organization or industry.

6. Client Success Stories

If applicable, include client success stories that demonstrate the nominee's exceptional client service or customer satisfaction. Highlight specific instances where they went above and beyond to exceed client expectations, resolve issues, or deliver outstanding results. Real-life examples will add credibility to the nomination.

7. Professional Development and Continuous Learning

Detail the nominee's commitment to ongoing professional development and continuous learning. Outline their participation in relevant training programs, certifications, industry conferences, or workshops. Include any memberships in professional associations or contributions to thought leadership publications.

8. Community Engagement and Social Impact

Highlight the nominee's involvement in community engagement activities and their contributions to social causes. Share instances where they have demonstrated corporate social responsibility, volunteered their time, or made a positive impact on society. Providing evidence of their commitment to making a difference can greatly enhance the nomination.

9. Supporting Documents

In this section, include any supporting documents that strengthen the nomination. Examples could include performance evaluations, recommendation letters from senior executives or clients, press releases, media coverage, or relevant articles. Ensure these documents are well-organized and clearly labeled.

10. Conclusion

Conclude your nomination packet by reiterating the nominee's exceptional qualities, achievements, and the positive impact they have had on their organization or industry. Express gratitude for the opportunity to nominate them and convey your confidence in their deserved recognition.

11. Editing and Proofreading

Before finalizing your nomination packet, thoroughly edit and proofread the entire document to ensure clarity, coherence, and eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors. Poorly organized or error-ridden packets may detract from the nominee's merits. Consider seeking feedback from trusted colleagues or mentors.


As you compile your nomination packet for members, keep in mind that a well-prepared, comprehensive, and persuasive packet can significantly enhance the chances of your nominee receiving the recognition they deserve. Follow the guidelines and expert tips provided in this guide to create a nomination packet that stands out and helps you outrank other competitors. Good luck, and may your nominee's achievements shine brightly as they navigate this exciting opportunity!

Peter Dijke
Great tips for nomination packets!
Nov 8, 2023