Edina Country Club - Switching to an Online Voting System

Feb 18, 2021

Welcome to the success story of Edina Country Club, a renowned establishment in the heart of Edina, Minnesota. In need of a modern and efficient voting system, Edina Country Club turned to Meaningful Connections Brand Consulting for assistance. Learn how our consulting services helped them smoothly transition from traditional paper-based voting to a cutting-edge online voting system.


As a leading provider of consulting and analytical services, Meaningful Connections Brand Consulting specializes in helping businesses achieve their goals through innovative solutions. Edina Country Club approached us with the challenge of improving their voting process for club members.

The Need for Change

Prior to working with Meaningful Connections, Edina Country Club relied on a manual, paper-based voting system. This process involved distributing physical ballots to members, resulting in time-consuming administrative tasks, potential human errors, and limited accessibility for remote or traveling members.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient and inclusive voting system, Edina Country Club sought our expertise to implement an online solution that would streamline the process, enhance member engagement, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Our Approach

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of Edina Country Club's existing voting process, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. Our team then designed a customized online voting system tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

The key features of the online voting system included:

  • User-Friendly Interface: We designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface to ensure that members of all technical abilities could easily navigate and participate in the voting process.
  • Secure Authentication: To maintain the integrity of the voting system, we implemented a robust and secure authentication mechanism, ensuring that only authorized club members could cast their votes.
  • Convenient Access: The online voting system provided members with the flexibility to vote from any location, at any time, using their preferred internet-connected device, making it convenient for all members, including those who were away from the club or traveling.
  • Real-Time Results: Through advanced data processing and reporting capabilities, the voting results were instantly tabulated, eliminating the delays associated with manual vote counting, and providing access to real-time insights for informed decision-making.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: The transition to an online system significantly reduced paper waste and the club's environmental footprint, showcasing their commitment to sustainable practices.

The Successful Outcome

The implementation of the online voting system brought about transformative outcomes for Edina Country Club. The benefits included:

  • Time and Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for manual ballot distribution, collection, and vote counting, the club experienced significant time and cost savings, allowing staff to focus on more value-added activities.
  • Enhanced Member Engagement: The convenience and accessibility of the online voting system resulted in increased member engagement, as more members actively participated in the voting process, leading to a stronger sense of community and ownership.
  • Improved Voting Accuracy: The digital voting system drastically reduced the potential for errors and inaccuracies that were present in the previous paper-based system, ensuring greater voting accuracy and credibility.
  • Real-Time Analytics and Insights: With the availability of real-time voting data and analytics, Edina Country Club gained valuable insights into member preferences, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and cater to member needs more effectively.


Meaningful Connections Brand Consulting successfully assisted Edina Country Club in transitioning to an efficient online voting system, providing them with a range of benefits, including time and cost savings, improved member engagement, enhanced voting accuracy, and real-time analytics.

By leveraging our expertise in business and consumer services, Edina Country Club was able to create a more inclusive and democratic voting process that empowered its members.

If your business is looking to streamline operations, enhance member engagement, and implement innovative solutions, don't hesitate to reach out to Meaningful Connections Brand Consulting. Together, we can overcome challenges and drive success.