B.C. government denies using “Judas wolf” during culls

Aug 16, 2022

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The Role of the B.C. Government in Wildlife Culls

The B.C. government, responsible for managing wildlife and implementing various culling programs, finds itself facing scrutiny over the alleged use of the so-called "Judas wolf" technique. This method involves using a specific wolf, equipped with a tracking device, to lead government officials to its packmates, who are then targeted for removal. However, the government denies adopting this approach and seeks to clarify any misconceptions surrounding the matter.

The Controversy Surrounding the "Judas Wolf" Technique

The use of the "Judas wolf" method has sparked intense debate within the wildlife conservation community. Advocates argue that it can be an effective tool for managing predator populations in areas where human-wildlife conflicts are prevalent. They believe that by following the movements of the selected wolf, authorities can successfully locate and address larger wolf populations responsible for livestock predation.

On the other hand, critics claim that the "Judas wolf" strategy raises ethical concerns by exploiting the social nature of wolves. These opponents argue that it disrupts natural pack dynamics, potentially leading to increased aggression and instability among the surviving pack members. Furthermore, there are concerns about the potential impact on the overall balance of the ecosystem.

The B.C. Government's Response

The B.C. government firmly denies employing the "Judas wolf" technique. In an official statement released by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, the government reaffirms its commitment to using scientifically supported and humane methods for wildlife management. It emphasizes the importance of accurate information and dispels the rumors surrounding the alleged use of the "Judas wolf" approach.

Transparency and Public Trust

The B.C. government recognizes the significance of maintaining transparency and fostering public trust regarding wildlife management practices. It underscores its dedication to ongoing research, collaboration with experts, and public engagement to ensure the effectiveness and ethical implementation of culling programs.

The Future of Wildlife Management

As the debate on the use of the "Judas wolf" technique continues, it is crucial for stakeholders to engage in constructive conversations, considering both scientific evidence and ethical perspectives. The B.C. government remains committed to exploring alternative methods and refining existing strategies to achieve a balanced approach to wildlife management, considering the needs of both wildlife conservation and human welfare.


In conclusion, the B.C. government denies utilizing the controversial "Judas wolf" technique during wildlife culls. While the use and effectiveness of such methods are subject to ongoing debate, the government reiterates its commitment to employing scientifically supported and humane strategies for wildlife management. By promoting transparency, engaging with experts and the public, and continuously evolving its approach, the B.C. government strives to achieve a harmonious balance between conserving wildlife and addressing human-wildlife conflicts.

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