FR and ARC Basics

Jul 29, 2021

Understanding FR (Flame-Resistant) Clothing

When it comes to the safety of workers in various industries, flame-resistant clothing plays a crucial role. Flame-resistant clothing, commonly known as FR clothing, is designed to protect individuals from the hazards of exposure to flames, flashes, or electric arcs.

The Importance of FR Clothing

In high-risk environments such as oil and gas, electric utilities, or manufacturing facilities, where workers are exposed to potential thermal hazards, wearing FR clothing is essential. FR garments are engineered to minimize the risk of severe burns and injuries by reducing the spread of flames and providing insulation against heat.

Key Features of FR Clothing

FR clothing is made from specialized fabrics that are inherently flame-resistant or have been treated with flame-retardant chemicals. These fabrics are designed to self-extinguish when the ignition source is removed, reducing the amount of burn injury sustained by the wearer.

Understanding ARC (Arc Flash) Hazards

Arc flash refers to the release of a tremendous amount of energy due to an electrical fault, resulting in an explosion, intense light, and high temperatures. Arc flash incidents can cause severe burns, injuries, and even fatalities.

What Causes Arc Flash?

Arc flash incidents occur due to electrical equipment malfunctions, faulty insulation, or human errors. It is important to understand potential arc flash hazards in order to implement preventive measures and ensure worker safety.

Protective Measures for ARC Hazards

Proper safety measures should be taken to mitigate the risks associated with arc flash incidents. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as FR clothing, along with other safety gear like goggles, face shields, and insulated gloves.

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